In which the author tells you how to run your life -- or at least how to make the most of the fun parts of it.

For instance, inside these pages you will learn how to weather a mortar attack in good spirits; how to avoid booking yourself on the Internet into a bed and breakfast full of twee quilts and dusty tchotkes; and how to plan a dinner party that will stun your guests with deliciousness and style and not destroy your will to live with the amount of work you have to do to pull it off.

These are things I know firsthand, and things people who know me often ask me about (though I usually just book them into bed and breakfasts myself -- identifying ruffled death traps is an acquired skill). I am almost always right about everything (food, style and travel-related, anyway, and often many other things) and if everyone would just do as I say, dinner would taste better, cupcakes would not be dry, your parties would be more fun (for you), and mortar attacks... well, they always suck. I can't do anything about them.

*except laundry. I can't manage my own laundry, much less yours.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Official Underpants of How To Run Your Life*

Bali Barely There Boy Shorts. No visible panty line, no wedgies. (I try and try and can't wear thongs. They HURT me. I think it's my hip-to-waist ratio, which is generous). Stock up, report back.


  1. Really? Cause I'm with you on the thong thing, but sometimes the boy shorts ride up funny on my stumpy thighs. Just sayin.

  2. Would I lie to you?
    I'm the queen of the wedge, and these wedge-me-not. THe microfiber is super stretchy and soft so I don't think it fights with thighs stumpy or otherwise. If you buy a pair, report back on your thoughts. And as always Blackbird... thank you for reading :) and commenting.

  3. A'right. The next time I have an Amazon order put together I'll grab a pair.

  4. I've got the same problem as Blackbird...I end up with the waistband high in the front, low in the back and with a line across each cheek. Of course, this is an issue with the size of my bottom rather than the pants!