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Friday, September 24, 2010

How Memphis Jen's Plans Are Coming Along

I have no idea how Memphis Jen feels about being called Memphis Jen. But I wanted to give you an update on where things stand in her living room and dining room.

To remind you: Jen is an artist in Memphis, has a very compliant husband named Bill who apparently doesn't mind Internet Strangers dictating design direction via the webs, and she is looking to redo her 16' X 16' living room. It appears thusly:

She reports she will begin painting all the walls white. Jury is still out on whether she will do a green accent wall on the widows (I strenuously oppose.)

(see: )

Here are her/my latest furniture thoughts. The green couch is a little out of her price range but she and her husband love it so they might shell out. I totally approve.

To walk you through: She wants the green couch and the two blue chairs you may recognize from an earlier post. Her husband is going to go drive to get them AN HOUR AWAY. He is a keeper. I want her to get the cypress table (also about an hour 's drive, on Craigslist...hopefully in the same direction as the blue chairs) because see how nice it is between them?

I've recommended the mid century dresser (walnut?) for use in the living room -- a home for the TV?

The green dresser is super feminine. I'd want to see it painted -- either the white of the walls, a deeper shade of the green of the couch, a deeper shade of the blue on the chairs, or plain old black (or grey... maybe charcoal grey. with silver handles) and pushed upagainst the back of the green couch (provided it doesn't tower over the back of the couch).

Next up is a 5 -foot silver mirror on Craigslist, then some wall paper -- for the entry way, you can just see it from the living room (maybe also use it on the wall of the dining room? ). And of course, elephant lamps. I have provided two views. They should be painted white. or Turquiose. mmmm. With white drum shades (and they should live on the fancy dresser). Fancy dresser can also be painted the green of the wall paper and pushed up against a wall covered by said wallpaper on the back wall in the dining room to serve as a buffet. Elephant lamps in white. or the same green! The picture below is in no way green and in no way a dining room, and in no way depicts a sideboard, but if you squint and pretend its a green dining room with a sideboard, you can get what I am going for... the contrast, the slightly retro-Asian feel, the tropicalness. (can you tell I grew up in -- not "on" -- Palm Beach?). I have no idea how Jen feels about such things, but I think it would be lovely.

Ooh, this is more like it:

OMG then this gorgeous thing popped up. Providing it for eye candy. It doesn't exactly meet Jen's specs.

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