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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Saroy Should Decorate Her Living Room

OK, so Saroy in Houston over on Apartment Therapy is trying to make her large TV disappear a bit in her new living room. Here it is currently:

So I’m looking for a sideboard that it can sit on, giving her storage underneath and something substantial to make the tv on that big white wall make sense.

Boy howdy, there are some slim pickins on Craigslist today.

But I found some options in the credenza category. Budget: $2000. Ha! I scoff at $2000.

This one looks nice and plain – hard to tell if it’s terrible wood from the picture. But I like the shape… sort of Shaker. And cheap! $135

This one is classic and lovely. I love the rich wood and just $250 .. but maybe a little bit small? However, surrounded by art, it could work.

I’d paint this one something fantastic …Kelly green in high gloss. OK, credenza: choice 3. Squint and imagine it in glossy green.
Or pull a color out of that wall of art I demand she puts up around the TV. Comme ca:

Since I’ve saved Saroy so much money (her budget was $2000) how about springing for this delicious nutty sofa? I love it, and it should fit, given the dimensions of that room. Everyone can sit around having cocktails, talking about the jet age and then plotting the downfall of Alexis Carrington. It spans that many decades. I super heart it.

The cool couches are coming fast and furious. This one is $1500 and requires cigars.

This coffee table…only $100

And hello, this lamp on the other side of the round leather couch. Across from the arc.

and an area rug: 8X 10, a little battered.. just the way I like ‘em.

the whole room for I think under $2000… and that is how to run your life, Saroy. :)

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