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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How To Drive Me Crazy: Finding Studioren a Great Couch in Brooklyn But Not Having Her E-Mail Address

Studioren, in Brooklyn, is looking for furniture for her new 483 square foot apartment (it's disturbing that I know off the top of my head the dimensions of strangers' apartments. But so it is. It's a gift and a curse).
You will find more about her here:
I just found her couch on Brooklyn's craigslist -- exactly what she seems to be looking for.

Grey velvet! Room & Board...

These is also this one, which is a Look -- very ladylike and could be fusty but we won't let it. It is schlubby grey silk. Could be fun paired with a really masculine chair and modern furniture. Update it by painting the woodframe glossy white or black or grey. Or red! Who cares! it's just paint and can easily be redone. Oooh, pink. Oooh, grape. Or light blue?

Probably white. Needs squashy angora covered pillows.

Pair the couches with one or two of these chairs. I'd say the orange MidCent would have to be recovered. My favorite is the third one, in the top row. That's a must. I like the squatty gold one with the grey velvet couch. But there are some classics -- the ghost chair, the potato chip chair...

I seem to have misplaced a link. You'll find it! It will be like an Easter Egg hunt, only without the sulphurous smell.
She should get this dresser, painted high gloss white, for the TV to sit on and the drawers used for clothes or whatnot
or this one, as is

or this one.
She could actually get one and 2 -- the Tibetan chest -- together, or one and three together. If she gets the first 2, number 1 should probably be painted black or pewter, or a color pulled from the Tibetan.

And she's going to need this coffee table. I cannot resist natural wood (alert: this picture will make you think your are crazy or I am messing with you. You are not, I am not. Somehow this guy 's table is floating in the air. I can't explain.

This coffee table goes in a completely different direction but I kind of like it. Its maybe a bit twee, but it sort of screams out for the vintage silk couch and would bring some feminity to the grey velvet. I'd prefer it were solid wood rather than glass and wood... but this is Craigslist. The 80 percent Solution applies.

this might work too - totally opposite direction -- especially good with the first couch

And you can never go wrong with glass and chrome:

and this knock off Arc lamp

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  1. I wish I could find such furniture in Memphis! LOVE those sofas.