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Thursday, November 10, 2011

How do I make Steve buy a tiny house on wheels?

OK, so Steve has been given acreage in the woods where he grew up, with access to the gorgeous, icy mountain stream that runs through it. It's void of all infrastructure, and he's thinking about what kind of house to build, on the cheap. We've had many discussions. The land is heavily wooded, and I favor an Ewok type village of raised paths -- docks really -- between the trees, with little structures perched here and there. Hither and yon, if you will. They would all lead to a large communal deck. This kind of plan can grow over time, and minimizes the effect on the trees and landscape, and, not incidentally, is based on a public bathroom on the roadside in southern New Mexico. So there's that.

Anyway, clicking around I found THIS marvelous structure -- ready to go and just $20,000. It's about 7 X 13, is on a trailer, and is already plumbed and electrified. I LOVE it. There is a sleeping loft above, a generous desk below, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower. What could be better? tow it inot the woods and structure 1 is done. Done done done. Observe:

Leave it to me to only download pics of the kitchen. sigh. Pink fridge!

There's a remarkable amount of light thanks to big windows, a skylight, and lofted ceilings. I refuse to give you a link because I want HIM to buy it. And furnish it thusly: everything is collapsible, moveable. The teak chairs can be dining chairs inside in inclement weather, but can live outside on the communal deck most all the other times.

Also, how about that sauna? he loves saunas. $7,000.

I rule. You're welcome, Steve.

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  1. I have a similar goal. I am hoping to acquire some land in the near future and am torn between which route to take as far as building. Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular and do make a lot of sense.
    However, I've found that you can often build something comparable for less money and you're still left with getting utilities to the tiny house if you intend to live in it more than a day or two.

    Another option is to go bigger with something like which is somewhat self sufficient, albeit many times more expensive.

    Pros and cons galore I suppose. I still need to weigh the pros and cons for whether to purchase land on a lake or just near a lake and mountain for 4-season use. Pros and cons indeed...